Dr. Jay - Magician/Accordionist

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dr. Jay On The Internet:

Dr. Jay is a professional magician (currently performing at the Vegas-owned Monster Mini Golf in Edmonton, AB) and member of the Academy of Magical Arts (Hollywood's Magic Castle!), the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Canadian Association of Magicians. He is also an accordionist and comedian. CLICK ON ANY OF THE PHOTOS ON THIS PAGE TO LINK TO THE FOLLOWING SITES: www.youtube.com/DrJayForPM - www.twitter.com/DrJayForPM - www.facebook.com/DrJayForPM - www.facebook.com/DrJaysMagic

Friday, May 14, 2010

Philosophy of Life

To Be is To Do - Socrates
To Do is To Be - Sarte
Do Be Do Be Do - Dr. Jay

(Thanks Frank!!)

Dr. Jay for PM

To be as quick as Dr. Jay, you gotta be fast.
To be as good as Dr. Jay, you gotta be great.
To be better than Dr. Jay, you gotta be kidding.